Archetypal Branding

Hire me to create and develop an archetypal image for yourself, your product or service, your brand and your company.

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are patterns of behavior we know instinctively.
Like Mother, Father, Child, Protector, Innovator, Adventurer, and hundreds of others.
Can archetypal branding boost sales and visibility?
When you identify your product, service, brand or company with a specific archetypal energy, you often attract customers or clients who resonate with the same archetypal energy.
This suggests that archetypal branding can activate a desire to buy what you’re selling.
It’s a two-way street.
Archetypes are the lifeblood of storytelling and a strategy to consider using in your content.
So it’s a worthwhile strategy to use when you create content.
Check out my to see how pop culture, business and wellness use archetypes.

How do you choose an archetype to describe and identify your brand?

The goal of archetypal branding is to target potential customers or clients who align emotionally with your product, service or brand.
If you position your brand to make customers happy, the child archetype exudes unbridled joy.
If your product make people smarter, the teacher archetype prepares students for life by imparting knowledge.
The teacher archetype prepares students for life by imparting knowledge.
Does your service promote health and fitness? Medical archetypes target wellness.
Consider booking a consultation to discuss the best archetypal alignment for your business.
Medical archetypes, both people and symbols target wellness.